Technoform Glassinsulation

Plant trees for CO2-Compensation


At Technoform Glass Insulation, we make our own important contribution to sustainable building and living through our thermally optimised products: Our spacers insulate windows, doors and façades sustainably.

Currently, the use of our Warm Edge products result in annual savings of around 1.5 billion kWh of energy worldwide. That means significant reductions in CO² emissions worldwide along with the preservation of valuable resources.

Within the framework of our corporate environmental policy, we make an important contribution towards sustainability: our packaging is made from cardboard and wood which involves the use of natural resources. We compensate for this on an ongoing basis by planting trees in collaboration with the Plant-for-the-Planet organisation:

In 2007, nine-year-old Felix Finkbeiner had an idea. Inspired by Wangari Maathai, who planted 30 million trees in Africa in 30 years, he formulated his vision: children could plant one million trees in every country on earth and thereby offset CO² emissions all on their own. For each tree planted binds a CO² intake of approximately 10 kg per year.

In the years that followed, the Plant-for-the-Planet organisation grew from this idea, with the aim of planting one billion trees by 2020. The carbon sink generated can also bind 10 billion tons of CO² per year which equates to around a quarter of the annual emissions.
After just three years, the children planted the millionth tree in Germany and they have spread their message so wide that today more than 100,000 children all over the world are ambassadors for the organisation.

At Technoform, we consider this commitment impressive and definitely worth supporting. That is why we have set ourselves the target of also offsetting the future CO² emissions from our transport activities by planting trees. Why not join in and become involved by going to